Everybody Come On

from by Regenerated Headpiece

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1st verse (Phon-X):

Bite this Phon-X delux
punks jump like hydraulics to get demolished
cuz heads feel the sonics of Phon-X like it's ergonomic
Project phon-X like Matthew Broderick
Phon-X, fix your face like orthodontists
Phon-X, fist your chest leave you heartless
Phon-X, strip your tits, tip you topless
Phon-X, flush your guts like a colonic
Obnoxious, like a pompous Adonis
drunk on Tom Collins, gambling like Kenny Rogers
cuz the Phon-X gets you higher than auto-erotic
-asphyxiation, there's no limitations
I grip the mic with rosin or Paul Simmon
flippin' your Graceland into a Wasteland
plague man, worse than the Bubonic
save man, with Phon antibiotics
Kick you in the head and give you brain damage
Stab who you wed, inflict a miscarriage
Ironic, I spit psychotic
yet Phon-X brings solace like Fred Rogers


Everybody come on
Respect your mom
Inspect this bomb
Sound the alarm
There is no calm
This is the storm
Our word is bond
Beyond the norm

3rd verse (Phon-X):

This is hot-cakes, this is coco-NUTS
This is hot-cakes, this is coco-NUTS
This is hot-cakes, this is coco-NUTS
I wear sunglasses as a poker-crutch

I'm all in it no limit for me to hold 'em
deez nuts, still wanted like Petroleum
I'll give you dutch-oven types of lovin'
dirty bomb smugglin' in the tub bubblin'
doubling-down on discovering
my Mona Lisa hanging off the Tower of Pisa
I bring the, medicine like Edison
patented one thousand and ninetythree inventions
ATTENTION, descendants of hiphop that need acceptance
to wield this weapon you must first kneel in reverence
from peasants to presidents, whatever the relevance
craft your flows, mask your prose in eloquence
Accept all challenges, excel in management
manipulate words with more curves than mannequins
flip like Anakin, or Hurricane "Gloria, Gloria" like Laura Branigan


from The New Animal, released February 1, 2009
Written by Phon-X & Shred Lexcion. Produced by Phon-X. Cuts by DJ Sykopath.



all rights reserved


Regenerated Headpiece New York, New York

Regenerated Headpiece has been described as everything from “old school” to “futuristic”, and compared to recording artists ranging from A Tribe Called Quest to “Weird” Al Yankovic. But perhaps RapReviews.com said it best when, in their favorable review of Rat Race Vacation, they wrote: “Regenerated Headpiece brings a style of lyrics and beats that doesn't sound a whole lot like anything else. ... more

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