Rat Race Vacation

by Regenerated Headpiece

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(free) 04:01


released November 1, 2001


all rights reserved



Regenerated Headpiece New York, New York

Regenerated Headpiece has been described as everything from “old school” to “futuristic”, and compared to recording artists ranging from A Tribe Called Quest to “Weird” Al Yankovic. But perhaps RapReviews.com said it best when, in their favorable review of Rat Race Vacation, they wrote: “Regenerated Headpiece brings a style of lyrics and beats that doesn't sound a whole lot like anything else. ... more

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Track Name: Lip Bomb
1st verse:
They call me Spindianna Holmes a.k.a. Phon-Xcavate
battlin' Phon-X haters raiders of the lost crate
I'm quick to crease a rapper's fate like a release date
mic growin' outta my head recessive trait
United States is my home plate where i make tapes
in 1999 I made my grapes into wine
spinning dry instead of mixing with an Old Fashioned
no need for spoon, dash, splash, fruit mash, liquor, ice to get nice cuz then I'm crashin'
alcohol's a vice, nicotene twice the vice, cocaine thrice the vice
i only use the mic device to hit that home for lice
rock your bonnet with a sonnet over non-familiar breaks
remake fakes you're breakin' my Achy Breaky crate
the "Criminal Minded" LP wasn't intended for R&B
my poetic weaponry is infectious to your memory
leave you breathless from the sessions of my endless energy
i confess i edit set-lists, unless it's RHP
cuz we're blessed with Manifest Destiny
to be independently tremendous
cuz our headpieces are genetically a friendship
remember this, the world works through karma
so if you harbor negativity don't bother
it's all of the top like a barber
what you heard thus far is just larva

I rock the Lip Bomb!
The Phon Juan leprachon don spontaneous composition it's on!
So how do you define this realm of hiphop?
Stive for knowledge, feel the flow non-stop!

Shred Lex seeks recompense
There ain't no doubting my intelligence
You oughta see the score that I got on my Mensa test
Your impressiveness is minimal like your chance to be my nemesis,
Beyond the RHP family the rest are second best -- Gentlemen!
Read up, we hold these truths to be self evident.
All men created equal in the first chapter of Genesis
So hold those racial epithets and the ignorance those ideas represent.
All irrelevant emcees get struck with speech impediments.
I'm moving on up like them Jeffersons --
Setting precedents with radioactive urine specimens.
My inseam measurements, they are identical to an elephant's --
His eminence the president has cancelled all his press events
to follow developments of my freestyling experiments.
Punctuate your sentences for emphasis --
Raid the villian's treasure chest and throw him off the precipice.
I taught twelve apprentices the elements
and also how to flow on mics till endlessness
rhyme with eloquence fresh like Velamints deep like ocean sediments --
Been talkin' about stuff ever since --
Reminisce in the present tense!

I rock the Lip Bomb!
The Shred Lexicon headstrong spontaneous composition it's on!
So how do you define this realm of hip hop?
Strive for knowledge, feel the flow non-stop!

3rd verse:
I'm a patient of positive affirmation
my addiction is diction and i mold my own creation
what i hear today is donkey navigation
while I kick the poetry improvisation
I'll smoke you outta my memory
"you know how we do" no i don't not really
"you know what I'm sayin'?" how can i when you haven't said it
talk in circles and get played like the radio edit, now you sweat it
all of my competitors
seek flaws like editors
I "da-nant da-nant" like Jaws on predators
you get yours like it's heriditary
think I'm talkin' shit cuz you gots no vocabulary?
I'm just a putty tat tryin' to get canary
I'm PeeWee Herman super-spermin' on Chairy
Phon Johnson of the NY Head Vice
I rip mics and they make 'em into historical sites
rites of passage for those of the pasture
gettin' played like movies on natural disaster
master jester Uncle Fester of hiphop
I hit like 2 bricks to a dick with crotch-rot
When I cum like quat I'm live like stock causin' gridlock
I bang like cock (kok)
more Wicked than an Ewok epoch, and ya don't stop

I rock the Lip Bomb
the Phon Juan leprachon don spontaneous composition it's on
So how do you define this realm of hiphop?
Strive for knowledge and feel the flow non-stop!
Track Name: Writers Block Party Cyphers
1st verse:

I'm Mr. Phon-X, I've got a double mission
1 to make you dance, the other make you listen
it's an intermission you can tell by the way that I'm pissin'
nonfiction out my diction
I'm a tickin'/ timebomb drop the rhyme and "PILE ON!"
I'm still on top with the "Hi Mom!"
"Hi Phon-X she responds, it's time to get the Krylon
and go bombin' with your moms"
I'm just kiddin'/ but I'm really just fittin'
your head like a nylon/ stocking cap
my rap I rock spock style raise your ears
Positive hiphop raise your beers!
or fists/ if you get the jist of the mission
1 to make you dance, the other make you listen
I'm insistent on resistin' inhibition
I came I saw I kicked rhymes cuz I'm persistant
Calling all cars for assistance
you best bring an ambulance for fixin'
the damages with bandages
whether man or wombman don't ask me where your hand is
I bite the mic that feeds me Emcee apendage sandwiches
I'm outlandish brandishing heads with my imagination
plus articulation
we're movin' foward we're movin' toward
your appreciation and crowd participation

Stoppin' writers -
block party ciphers
back to the drawing
bored with wack writers
block party ciphers
back to the drawing board with wack Writers Block Party Ciphers
Track Name: Give it to 'em
2nd verse:

I saw this chair-flower growin' n' groovin' to the music
the whole table shakin' it all looked confusin'
all done up eruptin' hormones
I'm in the zone thinkin' of us slappin' bones
that's when i roam up with confidence
for all the times I've played myself it's vengeance
I asked her to dance but she was way too dense
dressed to kill filled up with repentence
hot pants didn't understand the sentence
how'd she have me hooked up to this trance?
i looked up and the dance was over
she missed the chance to get struck by the cobra
the blast of my Nova surpassed her intellect quota
philosophy fizzed like Yoda drinkin' soda
but I know I'm not invincible
so I Jet like Wonder Woman - invisible

2nd chorus:
Hey ladies, they wanna dance tonight
Give it to 'em, Give it to 'em
All they ask is a chance to unite so
Give it to 'em, Give it to 'em